Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

Average prices without critical jumps for retail services and stores

Why do I need to add my crypto coin/token specifically to PTPRates?

PTPRates is an aggregator of crypto asset prices that not only obtains information about crypto assets from crypto exchanges but also gathers data from other exchanges to which the value of crypto assets is tied.

Is it possible to implement my methodology for calculating the value of a crypto asset on PTPRates?

Yes, it is possible, but only if your methodology is officially published on your crypto asset’s official website. Your methodology for calculating your crypto assets’ value can be unique. For instance, the value of your crypto token could be tied to the value of your company’s stocks, the value of precious metals, or the value of your product. It is not mandatory for your crypto asset to be traded on a cryptocurrency exchange for this to be done.

Is it possible to receive the value of my crypto asset on external wallets through the PTPRates API?

Yes, it is possible. The PTPRates API broadcasts the value of all crypto assets, including your crypto asset. Each user can choose which crypto assets they need. The API transmits information to crypto wallets, crypto payment gateways, and any other retail sales forms.

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